February Meeting Cancelled

Because of the somewhat winter-like weather, the February meeting scheduled for tomorrow (Thursday, 2/19) has been cancelled. The next meeting will be Thursday, March 19th.

The completely re-designed 2015 kits have been sent in to Champion, and the store should open soon. We hope to have the details by next week. In the meantime, the 2015 Membership Form and Reimbursement Policy are ready, and they are available on the TCRC web site Membership page: http://www.TriCitiesRoadClub.org/membership. You’ll need to be a member to order, so please take care of that now.

Volunteer Opportunity

Kingsport City Schools was recently awarded a Safe Routes to School grant for bicycle and pedestrian education, and one of the elementary schools is having a family wellness night on Tuesday, February 10th from 5:15 pm – 6:15 pm. During that time, the school is hoping to incorporate some interactive bicycle safety and maintenance stations for students to learn. They would like to have at least three different interactive stations as well as a bike obstacle course for kids to try out once they’ve gone through all three stations.

A minimum of 3 volunteers – more would be even better. Please send an email to roadclub@gmail.com ASAP, and we’ll get you in touch with the right person with Kingsport City Schools. This is only a week away, so please step up and volunteer now!!


2015 Membership Form Ready

The 2015 Membership Form and Reimbursement Policy are ready, and they are available on the  Membership page.

Kits are almost ready, and they are a complete re-design this year, so everyone will want one!! You have to be a Current  Member  to order, so go ahead and get that taken care of now, and then watch your email.

Volunteers Needed!

Here is the course set-up/take down schedule. We need tons of help! Give back to the sport by helping with course set up and take down.

Wednesday 12/31/14: 10:30 AM-5:00 PM: Fence posts in the ground taping if time, begin pit set up.
Thursday 1/1/15: 10:00AM -5:00 PM: Finish taping, finish pit, set up start grid, move plastic fencing into place.
Friday 1/2/15 9:00 AM- 4:30 PM: Set up start/finish with steel fencing, put up banners. Odds and ends.
Saturday 1/3/15: We need 8 people to volunteer as crossing guards from 12:30 PM-4:00 PM. There will be a break between elite women and men of 30:00 minutes.
Sunday 1/4/15 3:30-until it’s done: Course take down. The more people that help the quicker it comes down.

Don’t assume that someone else will be out to help. We can never have two many volunteers. Lack of volunteers this season has made this one of the most difficult seasons in 12 years. If you have questions message dwayne or email roadclub@gmail.com.

Friday Night Registration and Q&A Session

Don’t forget number pick up on Friday, January 2nd at Reedy Creek Bicycles beginning at 6:00 PM. You haven’t already registered you can before the late fees kick in! Be sure and hang around and enjoy refreshments and a Q&A with professional cyclo-cross racer Adam Myerson. If you already have a number come on by and enjoy the conversation! Home cookin’ and free adult beverages provided by Holston Distributing and MSG-Kingsport Cup sponsor.