Upcoming Events

Since this April has five Thursdays, we’re going to do the April meeting this coming Thursday, April 23rd, 7:30 PM at Knights, which should be right after the TNR. We’ll just pretend it’s the 3rd Thursday!

Speaking of Thursdays, the Thursday Night Ride (TNR) will officially start this Thursday, April 23rd, leaving from ETSU behind Knights. The 5:30 group is somewhat competitive, moving along at a 19+ mph average, and riding the long route, about 37 miles. If we have riders interested in a little less competitive pace, but still fast enough for good fitness (16 – 19 mph average), please e-mail roadclub@gmail.com. If we get enough interest in this, we’ll post a 6:00 PM ride on Thursdays from ETSU that would use the “normal” TNR course, about 28 miles. If someone would be willing to lead this, please indicate that in your e-mail also – it’s not hard, and would be really appreciated.

The Tuesday night Pack Ride will start tomorrow, 4/21, at Lamar School (at the end of Cherokee road) at 6:00 PM. A group typically leaves from ETSU behind Knights at 5:20 PM, and some riders also park at the back entrance to Willow Springs Park, joining the passing group from ETSU around 5:30 PM. Some also park at Lamar, in the lower parking lot.

Also, on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of April and May (4/28, 5/12, 5/26), the TCRC Tuesday Crits start at 6 PM at Grace Fellowship Church in Johnson City. The first one was a blast, with perfect weather, and the course is even better than last year. Ignore the typically dire and incorrect forecasts and come out for some fun crit training and racing! See the flyer for all the details.

TCRC Tuesday Crits Starting This Coming Tuesday!!

The TCRC Tuesday Crits are a month earlier this year – the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of April and May. The first Criterium of the series is this coming Tuesday, April 14th. See the flyer for all the details.

The course will be slightly different, but the races are at Grace Fellowship Church in Johnson City again. For the few riders that went down in the off-camber U-turn, the church has asked us to leave the front entry open the entire way, so that U-turn is gone this year! There will be a U-turn, but it will be flatter, and the course will be running the opposite direction from last year. (The course map has not been updated yet.)

It’s cheaper and easier to pre-register.

If you can volunteer to help out before, during, or after the races, please e-mail TCRCEvents@gmail.com or contact Jonathan. We need to have a person by the back entrance, so the more volunteers we have to rotate during the evening, the less time any one person has to monitor the back entrance.

The four date for the series are 4/14, 4/28, 5/12, & 5/26. We’ll be keeping overall series results also, so come on out to all of them!! These will be low key and fun. Please help spread the word and tell your friends to come out and race and watch!

Hope to see you this coming Tuesday, April 14th!!

March Monthly Meeting, Thursday, March 19th (today) at 7:30 PM at Knight’s Pizza.

Come on out and give us some feedback on some new ideas we have for the club. Notice the time has moved back to 7:30 in case some are riding Thursday evening.

Upcoming Events:
• TCRC Tuesday Crits – 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of April and May
• Jacob Francisco Ride – April 18th, 9 AM
• Johnson City Slow Ride Omnium – June 6th &

February Meeting Cancelled

Because of the somewhat winter-like weather, the February meeting scheduled for tomorrow (Thursday, 2/19) has been cancelled. The next meeting will be Thursday, March 19th.

The completely re-designed 2015 kits have been sent in to Champion, and the store should open soon. We hope to have the details by next week. In the meantime, the 2015 Membership Form and Reimbursement Policy are ready, and they are available on the TCRC web site Membership page: http://www.TriCitiesRoadClub.org/membership. You’ll need to be a member to order, so please take care of that now.

Volunteer Opportunity

Kingsport City Schools was recently awarded a Safe Routes to School grant for bicycle and pedestrian education, and one of the elementary schools is having a family wellness night on Tuesday, February 10th from 5:15 pm – 6:15 pm. During that time, the school is hoping to incorporate some interactive bicycle safety and maintenance stations for students to learn. They would like to have at least three different interactive stations as well as a bike obstacle course for kids to try out once they’ve gone through all three stations.

A minimum of 3 volunteers – more would be even better. Please send an email to roadclub@gmail.com ASAP, and we’ll get you in touch with the right person with Kingsport City Schools. This is only a week away, so please step up and volunteer now!!